SAE J1939 meets ISO – Diagnostic Tool Set 8 – Release 10


Softing supplies the manufacturers and suppliers of road-vehicles and non-road mobile machinery with tools and solutions for the development, testing, production and the service of E/E systems.

Softing is known as the supplier of the MVCI D-Server (ISO 22900) that processes ODX data (ISO 22901) and comes with an OTX (ISO 13209) run-time module. These components are part of the newly released Diagnostic Tool Set (DTS 8 Rel. 10).

The current version supports SAE J1939-73 on SAE J1939-21. For that purpose, the SAE J1939 specifications are now available on ODX 2.2.0 format.

Source: Peter Subke, Softing Automotive Director Business Development HDD

The complete SAE technical paper SAE meets ISO: Description of SAE J1939-73 on SAE J1939-21 in ODX 2.2.0 Format (ISO 22901) can be purchased here.

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