CanEasy – control unit editor (tips & tricks)


Set your ECUs
Using the control unit editor, you can configure all ECUs of connected buses. Define which ECUs are real, and which will be simulated according to the communication matrix. You can access the editor easily from the context menus of the data base, buses, or ECUs.

CanEasy control unit editor – find the desired ECU
On the left side of the control unit editor, you can see all buses of your current workspace. After selecting a bus, the available control units are displayed on the right. If multiple buses are selected, all ECUs of these buses are shown.

Set control unit mode
Define whether the selected ECU is a real or simulated control unit. Hint: You can highlight multiple ECUs to make this setting for all selected units at once.

Simulation behavior – set simulation behavior
If you configure a simulated control unit, adjust the transmission settings to fit your analysis or testing requirements.

The following options are available:

  • Off, no generation of messages: The simulated ECU will not transmit any messages.
  • Reduced, only RX messages from real existent control units: The simulated control unit will only send those messages that are designated for one of the connected physical ECUs.
  • Full, all messages of the control unit will be sent: The selected ECU will transmit all defined messages. This option is useful for tests under full bus load.


The LIN option is available on LIN buses and provides settings for both master and slave control units. If no simulated master unit is defined, the system expects a connected physical master ECU.

CanEasy is a Windows-based automatically configured simulation, analysis and test environment that optimally supports all cases of application in ECU engineering and development:
simulating complex bus systems, analyzing communication in a whole range of ways – with high productivity from the very beginning thanks to automation with an incredible amount of flexibility.

Free 30 days trial
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