CanEasy – data base, tree view, list view (tips & tricks)


Starting to work with CanEasy is easy
It takes only a few steps to generate a data base and get a quick overview. The main window’s tree and list views will provide you with information on buses, ECUs, messages, signals and attributes.

Create a data base from the communication matrix
The communication matrix stores all information necessary for communication between ECUs. CanEasy supports the import of both DBC files (CAN bus) and LDF files (LIN bus). You can import a file using one of the following methods:

Drag & drop: Drag and drop a DBC or LDF file onto CanEasy’s application window. That’s it – the data base is generated.

Menu bar: Open the “Data base” menu and select the entry “Generate”. Pick any DBC or LDF file – done!

Tree and list view in CanEasy – Get an overview in the tree and list views
CanEasy’s main window consists of two areas: The tree view on the left is CanEasy’s central view; from here, all elements can be opened, edited, and configured. The list view on the right provides details of elements selected in the tree view.

CanEasy is a Windows-based automatically configured simulation, analysis and test environment that optimally supports all cases of application in ECU engineering and development: simulating complex bus systems, analyzing communication in a whole range of ways – with high productivity from the very beginning thanks to automation with an incredible amount of flexibility.

Free 30 days trial
Get your free 30 days trial version of CanEasy.

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