CanEasy – signal plot (tips & tricks)


Sometimes, a chart is worth a thousand traces
Signal value changes can be displayed graphically in CanEasy – using plot windows. You can configure the plots to meet your requirements. Set the chart height, time axis divisions, units, and Y-axis value ranges as well as the colors. Multiple signals can be rendered simultaneously in one or several windows.

CanEasy plot window – zooming
To zoom in on a selected section, press and hold the left mouse key and draw a selection frame around the respective area. The graph’s value the cursor currently points at is displayed in a text field on the right side of the tool bar.

Plot Window Marker
To get a quicker orientation, you can set markers in each plot window: Right-click anywhere in the plot window to create a marker at the time stamp closest to the click. Using the left and right arrow keys, you can move the marker. The up and down arrow keys let you switch between different signals. The current signal is always highlighted in gray.

The simulation is running but you don’t see any values inside the plot window? Right-click on the tree entry “Record” and activate the entry “Start automatically”. To display values, CanEasy requires a loaded record, or a currently recording simulation.

CanEasy is a Windows-based automatically configured simulation, analysis and test environment that optimally supports all cases of application in ECU engineering and development:
simulating complex bus systems, analyzing communication in a whole range of ways – with high productivity from the very beginning thanks to automation with an incredible amount of flexibility.

Free 30 days trial
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