CanEasy – trace window (tips & tricks)


You start the simulation, CanEasy starts logging
View automatically created logs of the complete ECU and bus communication inside the trace window – either while the simulation is running or in retrospect. Recorded data can still be analyzed completely at any later time. The hardware is the limit: CanEasy will keep recording using precise 64-bit time stamps until the storage capacity of you PC is exhausted. Even if it takes several days…

CanEasy Trace Window

1. Select signals
You can monitor both sent and received messages of all available CAN/LIN busses in one or more trace windows. Simply select the relevant signals or messages from the tree view and drop them on the desired trace window.

2. Change sorting order
Signals and messages can either be displayed sorted by their IDs (only the most recent transmission is displayed) or in chronological order, providing a list of all transmitted messages. You can switch views by clicking on the icons “Show last received message only” and “Display all”.

Hint: Trace Window Copy Message – copy message data
You’re registering an event that seems related to the transmission of a specific value?
You want to save that value including additional information (time stamp, message ID, etc.) for later reference?
No problem: Click to highlight the message and copy its data to the clipboard by using one of the following methods:

  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL + C
  • Context menu -> “Copy message”
  • Tool bar icon: “Copy selected messages to clipboard”

is a Windows-based automatically configured simulation, analysis and test environment that optimally supports all cases of application in ECU engineering and development:
simulating complex bus systems, analyzing communication in a whole range of ways – with high productivity from the very beginning thanks to automation with an incredible amount of flexibility.

Free 30 days trial
Get your free 30 days trial version of CanEasy.

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