CanEasy – user panel (tips & tricks)


Create your own view
Assign as many signals, messages and ECUs to a user panel – whatever the requirements of your current analysis or testing project are. Panel configurations can be saved and reloaded later. That way, you keep track of everything.

CanEasy user panel – create a panel and add elements
You have X different signals from Y different messages, and you want them all in one window? No problem: Drag and drop the respective signals, messages, or ECUs on the user panel icon in the tree view or into an existing user panel.

Hint: Create an empty panel by right-clicking on the user panel icon and selecting the menu entry “New”.

Colourful user panels – customize your view
Both background and font color can be adjusted: Right-click on the user panel icon in the tree view and select the entry “Settings” from the context menu.

CanEasy is a Windows-based automatically configured simulation, analysis and test environment that optimally supports all cases of application in ECU engineering and development: simulating complex bus systems, analyzing communication in a whole range of ways – with high productivity from the very beginning thanks to automation with an incredible amount of flexibility.

Free 30 days trial
Get your free 30 days trial version of CanEasy.

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