CanEasy with Softing EDIC interfaces

Can Easy

CanEasy offers residual bus simulation for CAN and LIN bus in which real and simulated ECUs can realistically communicate with each other.

Users can very quickly adapt CanEasy to suit their tasks: A complete environment as can be found in the vehicle can be created in just a few seconds with the communication matrix (dbc and ldf fles).

The Softing EDIC interfaces EDICusb, EDICblue and EDICpci are supported by the current version of CanEasy. ECU developers who are already using Softing interfaces for diagnostics can now transfer to the easy-to-use measuring and analysis software at no great expense. At the same time the combination CanEasy – EDIC VCI will already save users money today if diagnostic tasks are to be carried out in the future.
Basic functions, such as the cyclic and spontaneous sending of messages as well as tools for the analysis of value patterns, are available via double-click or “drag and drop”. CAN messages can also be configured for real ECUs.
Furthermore, the function scope of  CanEasy can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the relevant application. There are four editions available to ensure optimal scaling in terms of both technical and economic requirements: Professional, Simulation, Analysis and Basic.

Take a look at for more information and the data sheet on CanEasy.

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