Diagnostic Tool Set 8: Extended support for SAE J1939


J1939 is a CAN-based high-level protocol which defines both the bus communication of vehicle ECUs between each other as well as the diagnostics. The main implementation areas are the drive train and chassis of heavy commercial vehicles with diesel engines.

The delivery scope of the base system of Softing’s product family Diagnostic Tool Set contains an SAE J1939 protocol template as the basis for a communication test and the creation of diagnostic data for ECUs.

The current Release 10 now also includes a ready-to-use DTS project for SAE J1939 including a Java job for flash programming. In connection with a suitable vehicle interface, this is how immediate vehicle diagnostics are made possible without ODX data first having to be created.

A special workspace was created for the all-in-one engineering tester DTS Monaco. In addition to the analysis of communication with a special display mode for 29-bit identifiers and the running of various diagnostic services, ECUs can also be programmed. An exemplary OTX sequence compliant with ISO 13209 makes it possible to read out the fault memory via DM2.

Furthermore a special evaluation package contains the J1939-capable HSX interface as well as a hardware-based ECU simulation with TestCUBE2.

If you are responsible for the engineering of J1939-based vehicle diagnostics at an OEM or Tier-1 supplier and are interested in our Diagnostic Tool Set 8 or the evaluation package, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.



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