Evaluation package for DoIP – fast vehicle diagnostics over Ethernet/WLAN


DoIP – a short overview  
With Diagnostics over IP, diagnostic services introduced over UDS are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. This enables much higher data rates than with CAN representing great potential for savings both in terms of time and expense in the case of complex diagnostic tasks and flash applications.

DoIP (Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol) – the technology
The ISO standard 13400 specifies the use of Ethernet technologies and Internet protocols for the communication of external test tools with ECUs in vehicles. DoIP (Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol), like ISO-TP on the CAN bus, is used as a transport protocol for UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services). But a 100BASE-TX-Twisted-Pair copper line is used as the physical medium.

The benefits of DoIP – speed and costs
The advantage in comparison to diagnostics over CAN is the 200-times higher gross data rate of 100 MBit/s. There are cost advantages on the one hand because standardized hardware components (Ethernet controller, CAT5 cables and RJ-45 connectors) can be used and, on the other, because unlike with CAN, there is no longer any need for a vehicle interface. The Ethernet interface or WLAN available on every PC can be used for the direct connection to the vehicle. DoIP integrates smoothly in existing IT infrastructures.

Softing’s evaluation package for DoIP
Softing’s evaluation package for DoIP consists of a hardware-based ECU simulation, comprehensive ODX data and detailed documentation. Over and above the actual evaluation of the DoIP technology, it enables a direct comparison of the performance between Ethernet and CAN, in combination with a TestCUBE2.

Do you want to see the speed of DoIP for yourself?
If you are responsible for vehicle diagnostics engineering at an OEM or Tier-1 supplier and are interested in DoIP and our evaluation package, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.


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