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Softing can look back on an eventful 2013 in terms of measurement technology. There were lots of new additions in particular to the hardware family SMT.

New modules include those for output- ting frequency and PWM signals as well as analog voltages (AS08.1), the latter on a digital I/O module (MD32.1) geared to a high channel density. Furthermore, IFLEXRAY.1 means Softing measurement technology will be able to be used in connection with FlexRay ECUs in the future. PEA 2.5.0 is an important milestone in terms of measuring software.

The re- lease comes equipped with a multi-lingual user interface and considerably increases ease of use in the creation of. The overall system performance of PEA and SMT is also increasing all the time. Today, data rates of 20 kSPS per measurement channel are possible at total sampling rates of more than 1 MSPS – and there is no end in sight.

Further highlights are on the agenda for 2014. After the successful combination of the Softing measurement technology and diagnostic solutions, measurement engineers will soon be obtaining access to internal ECU measured values and fault memory information. In the area of energy supply, the product range is being increased by a supply module for mains operation in stationary lab and test bench applications as well as a battery module for mobile use. The latter is primarily used to maintain the supply when the on-board power-supply voltage fails as well as make it possible to operate measurement technology independently of the on-board electrical system. In the category of measurement amplifiers, Softing is extending its range of available signal conditionings: Transducers with IEPE interface, alternatives to the classic thermocouple of the type K as well as inputs for current signals are just a few examples of this. And there is a lot going on with the small-est members of the family, the 11 Series: Three new modules cover virtually everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to field bus measurement technology and IP67.

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