Optimized Diagnostics with OTX


Implementing offboard diagnostics more efficiently with OTX (Open Testsequence eXchange).

In the past, the consistent creation of test sequences in vehicle diagnostics was not a reliable process due to the implementation of a whole range of tool and language concepts. Test sequences were specified as free text and implemented on all kinds of target systems.

With the OTX (Open Testsequence eXchange) standard, the automotive industry has for the very first time created a language format with which diagnostic sequences can be specified and programmed without having to change tools. The XML-based format makes it possible to exchange validated sequences regardless of departmental and process boundaries and to store them securely long term.

In his specialist article Implementing Optimized Diagnostics with OTX – Offboard Diagnostics More Efficiently with OTX Softing Product Manager Matthias Meyer introducesthe main criteria of the OTX standard.

OTX – Open Testsequence eXchange
OTX supports users both in the specification of processes and in subsequent implementation. As a specification language, OTX enables the graphic creation of sequence plans with freely worded description texts. As a programming language, this specification is converted into individual concrete, executable actions with OTX. The OTX specification allows for procedure calls, actions, branches and loops, as well as elements for fault diagnosis and, last but not least, processing mechanisms for the simultaneous execution of sequences.

OTX Studio – All-in-One Development Environment for Diagnostic Sequences
All-in-One Development Environment for Diagnostic Sequences.
OTX Studio is a tool for creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences (based on the ISO 13209 standard). It is designed to be used for ECU and vehicle tests. With a special GUI editor, it is easy to generate user interfaces and link them to the sequences created. Diagnostic data is supported incompliance with ODX 2.0.1 as well as 2.2.0.

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