OTX Studio – one tool for the creation, operation and debugging of diagnostic and test sequences

OTx Studio

OTX Studio makes it possible to describe and implement anything from simple test sequences through to complete diagnostic tester applications.

Test sequences can be stored and exchanged on the basis of a standardized XML format in compliance with ISO13209. OTX Studio supports the user continuously both in the specification phase and in the subsequent implementation of the test sequences in executable code. Sequences can be dis- played clearly as flow charts; there is also a view for line- based programming. Depending on the application, you can switch between the views at the click of a button. The requirements of test sequence implementation vary just as much as the cases of application themselves. With its new workflow concept, the current version of OTX Studio allows a decoupling from diagnostics expertise on the one hand and OTX-specific knowledge on the other.

Programming experts who are used to working with a keyboard can quickly create detailed programming sequences without necessarily having to use the mouse. The complete scope of the extensions defined in the standard is available for just this purpose. Users with OTX expertise can thus carry out preliminary work and store reusable procedures as with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Diagnostic users without in-depth programming knowledge can create their sequences in what is referred to as “Comfort mode” using the procedures prepared by the OTX experts. The OTX Studio Comfort mode is particularly geared toward those responsible for ECUs and works with an interface with a reduced view comprising assignments, procedure calls and structuring elements only. The evaluation of values and the configuration of troubleshooting take place in Comfort mode in predefined dialogs which are completed by selecting and deselecting checkboxes.

OTX Studio is based on Softing’s Diagnostic Tool Set 8 Base System. The OTX runtime environment is integrated in the development tester DTS 8 Monaco. This complete solution for vehicle diagnostics makes it possible to create and verify diagnostic functions and test sequences as well as update them if necessary.

For more detailed information and the data on OTX Studio click here.

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