Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Security and Big Data – review of Softing @ IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference Berlin 2017

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Security,Big Data - Softing

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Security and Big Data. Christian Weiner, Product Manager Diagnostics and Remote Services provides insights in his presentation at the annual @IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference Berlin 2017

Christian, which main topics do you see for the diagnostics and communication?

With growing vehicle complexity driven by ADAS, Autonomous Driving and Car-to-X communication, diagnostic functionalities on- and off-board will be further challenged.Validation and service of these evolving cyber physical systems will be key for reaching the goals of functional safety defined by ISO26262 and all future regulations. Of course, Softing Automotive as an off-board diagnostic solution provider, will be a strong partner for these future topics.

What did you present at the IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference in Berlin?

At this years IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference in Berlin, the Product Management of Softing has placed a speech about Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with its challenging dimensions of infrastructure, telematics and security. The choice of architecture is bound to the specific use-case and area of application along the extended V-model. Remote diagnostics is opening new ways of colaboration and services for engineering, testing, manufacturing and after sales/service.

Remote Diagnostics Softing This dependency is also shown in Softing’s remote showcase prototypes, which extend the distance of diagnostic communication on different levels in soft- and hardware.

Remote Diagnostics SoftingConnecting any tester with any vehicle enabled by Softing Automotive.

Remote Diagnostics Softing

What upcoming trends do you see for OEMS and TIER1?

Upcoming topics from my perspective for OEMS and TIER1 will be predictive diagnostics, AI (Articifial Intelligence) and cloud-based data storage. Prognostics or Predictive Diagnostics is key for new service models and time-to-market models. Yet it is not clear, what role Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play by applying machine learning and neuronal networks, but in a first approach this can be covered by model-based solutions, which already are used especially for OBD functions.  Nevertheless the amount of data will increase and therefore stress low-powered onboard computing infrastructure. Server calculations and cloud-based data storage seem to be the next step to extend these capabilities.

Christian thanks for your time!

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