“Soft” Migration to the Latest International Automotive Standards – Diagnostic Runtime Systems (Whitepaper)


All vehicle manufacturers today use diagnostics throughout the entire value chain: in engineering, testing and validation, in manufacturing and ultimately in after-sales service. This requires the ever-increasing exchange of diagnostic data both between different divisions of any particular vehicle manufacturer as well as ECU manufacturers, system suppliers and tool manufacturers.

This is also true of cooperation projects between different vehicle manufacturers and the compliance with legal stipulations. The ever-growing complexity of links can only be mastered, both technically and economically, by using non-proprietary technologies and powerful tools.

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This in turn gives rise to new challenges which are shown in the Whitepaper starting from an analysis of the current status of the standardization: On the one hand, proprietary technologies have to be replaced, and, on the other, the advantages gained from constant further development and/or extension of existing standards have to be able to be implemented. To date, both cases usually necessitated a “hard” transition, particularly with regard to data processes and tool suites. The amount of time, effort, money and ultimately pressure for all those involved were consequently very high. A new, integral approach now makes “soft” migration to the latest international automotive standards possible. This means vehicle manufacturers can define the number of interim steps and the overall duration of the transition to suit their individual requirements and processes.

The author Matthias Ziegel is product manager at Softing Automotive Electronics and responsible for the product family Diagnostic Tool Set.

If you are responsible for the vehicle diagnostics at a vehicle manufacturer or a Tier 1 supplier and interested in this Whitepaper, we are looking forward to your request.


Figure: Legacy extensions vs. parallel operation of previous and standardized Diagnostic Runtime System

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