Echocollect UA: Implementation of product control in a world-wide network of plants (Success Story)


Seamless Data Exchange

With the industry-wide trend towards horizontal and vertical integration, intelligence is moving from the supervisory control systems to the local components. This development is leading to a growing need for communication for which the open OPC UA standard provides an ideal solution because it can also be used for embedded devices. Softing’s embedded OPC UA server gateway “echocollect UA” links the control world with the IT world and provides access to process, manufacturing and quality data in more than 50 different controller types. At Kromberg & Schubert – a German automotive supplier – echocollect UA is used for the implementation of product control in a network of plants around the world.

The article presents the basis for decisions on the echocollect UA using the example of Kromberg & Schubert and the benefits for the company after implementation.

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