On-the-Fly Connection Between Modern Process Data Clients and Legacy PLC Networks


Softing’s echocollect is a reliable, industry-hardened gateway that is specifically designed to collect data from a wide range of legacy and modern PLCs and to provide this data to clients like SCADA or MES systems or to store the data into mainstream database systems.

echocollect UA is designed as a versatile gateway with an OPC UA interface. It independently collects data from programmable controller systems (PLCs) and delivers the data to a higher-level management system (e.g. ERP or MES) directly via the integrated embedded OPC UA Server.

  • Embedded OPC UA Server – Connection to Modern or Legacy PLCs Using OPC UA Client Via Ethernet
  • Easy Configuration with S7 Symbol Import and CLX Online Browsing
  • No Headaches with DCOM Settings
  • Active Read From/Write to PLCs Without PLC Program Modification

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