EtherCAT Design Services for FPGA from Softing

EtherCAT FPGA Design Service

EtherCAT – high performance on communication level

Softing offers an EtherCAT solution based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), providing IP Cores and technology to carry high communication performance further to the application level. The flexibility of this solution allows the implementation of a wide range of hardware architectures.

Download Ready-to-use evaluation packages

The evaluation components provide an ideal starting point for integration projects performed by the device manufacturer. They contain ready-to-use designs, a sample application, a PLC program to interact with the sample application, comprehensive documentations, project files as well as hardware and software source files as starting point for customer specific developments.

These packages can be downloaded from Softing’s website.

Integration workshops optimize the customer’s project work and guarantee a smooth project launch

Softing is capable to perform customer-specific integration projects transforming individual requirements into operational devices. The set of services offered by Softing include IP Core and stack integration, adaptation of the EtherCAT Slave Core and the communication stack to individual customer requirements as well as development and manufacturing of FPGA-based EtherCAT hardware.

Development Services available for other Industrial Ethernet protocols

Besides EtherCAT Softing offers this Service package for other protocols, i.e. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Ethernet POWERLINK.

More info to EtherCAT implementation on

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