FF Pre-Configuration with Standard Device Description


Softing Industrial Automation announces the availability of a new FOUNDATION™ fieldbus (FF) H1 Configuration Tool which is offered free-of-charge in combination with the company’s proven FFusb interface.

Softing’s new FF H1 Configuration Tool uses standard device description files and is used together with Softing’s FFusb interface when field devices need to be replaced. The necessary pre-configuration with the correct device tag and the appropriate communication parameters is done with the FF H1 Configuration Tool along with the FFusb interface. In this way, a continued smooth data exchange with the controller is guaranteed.

Softing’s FFusb Interface provides direct access to FF H1 networks from any Notebook or PC via a USB interface. The small form factor and portability make it easy to carry it to the shop floor, temporarily attach it to the fieldbus, and interact with individual field devices. The FFusb Interface eliminates the need to install expensive stationary equipment to gain network access simultaneous to the host system.

In addition to the new FF H1 Configuration Tool Softing provides a powerful FF communication DTM with each FFusb interface that supports all standard FDT container applications like fdtCONTAINER, FieldCare, PACTware and other FDTframe applications.

More information is available on the website:



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