Industrial Data Intelligence Enables On-site Streamed Production Insight


For all production- and maintenance managers who want to improve their plant efficiency, Softing’s Industrial Data Intelligence group introduces its dataTHINK analytics solution for data-based production optimization at Hannover Messe. dataTHINK supports the user in eliminating unsolved disruptions, in reducing scrap or in optimizing plant performance and in this way promotes the optimization of production related revenue and costs. dataTHINK processes production data in real time in the production line and thus allows for on-site streamed production insight. “

Despite numerous endeavors from providers and organizations, most decision makers have a bad feeling when requested to move their production data into the cloud,“ says Peter Seeberg, Business Development Manager at Softing Industrial. “By means of an “edge“ solution which is close to or part of field devices and machines, data stays in the production line and is processed on the spot. There is no need for additional security precautions.“

dataTHINK software utilizes current machine learning procedures like anomaly detection and time series analyses for detecting outliers and preventing unwanted situations. It is based on open standards like OPC UA and can be installed easily. Data is taken in from an OPC UA information model and processed data is made available for third party usage in an enriched OPC UA information model. It is acquired from automation components and field devices like PLCs, sensors, actors and databases as well as from additional sources like, for example, production flow or weather data systems. dataFEED data integration products from Softing or third party offerings are used for gathering data. “For companies that need support in organizing their data based production optimization or those that are not certain where to start, we conduct a proof of concept or co-develop their potential for production optimization in a joint workshop“, says Seeberg.

Interested parties are invited to visit Softing’s booth at Hannover Messe (hall 8, booth E20) for a demonstration of the dataTHINK and dataFEED product lines.

More information is available on the website: Industrial Data Intelligence: Data-based Production Optimization

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