Industrial Ethernet and Functional Safety


Functional Safety is becoming an integral part of today’s communication infrastructure. That is why all major Industrial Ethernet protocols do support Functional Safety integration allowing to use the identical network wire both for safety and non-safety applications. Thus, there is no need for dedicated safety solutions any longer. This development opens new application areas, requiring that nearly all manufacturers of automation devices have to consider Functional Safety as potential feature of their products. Following this trend, device manufacturers are asking their communication suppliers for appropriate solutions. Softing is addressing this request and is partnering with NewTec for providing an FPGA-based Functional Safety reference design ( This design can easily be combined with Softing’s Altera FPGA-based communication solutions.

The Softing / NewTec partnership results in a number of advantages for Softing customers:

  • Guidance and consulting regarding Functional Safety implementation in automation devices
  • Development of safety-enabled hardware and software
  • Flexible integration of communication and safety aspects into devices based on Altera FPGA


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