Softing at Deterministic Ethernet Forum


At the Deterministic Ethernet Forum, which will take place in Vienna on October, 23, 2015, Softing will be present in cooperation with TTTech, a technology leader in robust networked safety controls. Softing will present a demonstrator which acts as a proof of concept for typical industrial automation communication applications using the emerging Time-Sensitive Networking standard for real-time Ethernet communication.

The major benefits of Industrial Automation communication applications designed to use TSN are:

  • Guarantee of Service for controller to controller communication
  • Deterministic communication over the existing Ethernet based infrastructure
  • Convergence of control process, streaming and data traffic over one standard Ethernet network without affecting real-time data delivery or wasting bandwidth.


The demonstrator components of a small Ethernet infrastructure using

  • 2 TTTech TSN enabled switches
  • 2 Softing Industrial Ethernet gateways (FG-260), running an OPC UA Published Subscriber Prototype application
  • 1 PC used for visualization, configuration and simulation of network load on the Ethernet infrastructure



The Industrial Ethernet Gateways are exchanging simulated cyclical data using standard OPC UA PubSub UDP connectionless communication model (Prototype Implementation level). The TSN enabled switches are configured to enable and disable guaranteed service for the UDP traffic generated by the PubSub communication peers. The PubSub application running on the gateways is also responsible for monitoring the traffic and detecting and properly reporting communication failures. In parallel, a standalone PC is connected to the network and is capable to inject network traffic in the Ethernet network. This installation is meant to show the communication reliability improvements that TSN brings into a typical Ethernet based industrial automation application.

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